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Vítajte v mojom svete.

Mám nádej že vás moja tvorba inšpiruje a zošľachetní.

Váš báči Danko.


At The End

World tucked  in  a  haze.
  Envizioned  landskapes
  Are peeling off their  patina ,
  Residue  left by colours,light  and  darkness-
  So very shy in their nakedness -
  Just like as if they are trying
  To disown  primordial painters
  Who were  brave,
   But sunk in underworld
   So long ago,
   Broken by never- ending
   Hunger and loneline World craving mist.
   Trives  in  imaginary   pain
   And keeps dividing  itself in:
   Beginning and an end
   Bottom and bottomless abys of visions.
One world which is not noticing Me -
Being so wonderfully adorn with sadness .


Author Mr Danijel Piksijades.


Dobro dosli u moj svet.

Nadam se da cete biti inspisani i obogaceni mojim stvaranjem.

Vas Cika Danko.



Welcome to my world.

I hope my creativity will inspire and enrich your life.

Your Cika Danko.

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