Danijel Piksijades is Slovak born July 5th 1931 in Kisac (former Yugoslavia -Vojvodina). He graduated
from teachers college in 1950,then worked as a teacher in many places in Yugoslavia then
came to Canada with the whole family in late 1974. He now lives and works in Thunder Bay,
    At the start of Danijel Piksijades career he secured a job as a correspondent reporter, and
than on to editor of a yugoslavian news paper, Nase novine. He published in Czechoslovakia
the news paper Ljudove Zvesti, soon after he became a member of the Serbian Poets Club
Desanka Maksimovic”.
    In Yugoslavia he wrote in both Serbocroatian and Slovak languages. He published his poetry in
Montenegrian and Vojvodian  magazines.

His first independent book of poems was published in Yugoslavia in 1974,

    VLNY KOTVY VLNY-Obzor,Novi Sad,1974-Slovak language.

The same publishing house published:

    BITI IZ VAN-2003

    Daniel has a lot of children's poetry, his biography, and a lot of poems still to publish,,,some day...

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